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Wild Plants Are What We Know

Ben Bomkamp and Kerstyn Perrett are some of the finest field botanists working in Wisconsin today…  

Emmet Judziewicz, Co-author of Wildflowers of Wisconsinand Field Guide to Wisconsin Grasses

Trying to improve, restore, or protect a natural area without knowing anything about the plants is like trying to modify a computer or an engine without knowing the names or purposes of their parts. Our knowledge of  hundreds of local plants allows us to offer services that are not provided by other companies in our area.

Helping Property Owners Is What We Do

It is not our job to decide what you should care about, or to tell you what you can or cannot do with your life or your property! We are here to get to know you and your reasons for owning your land, figure out the the opportunities and limitations associated with your land, and to work with Nature to create long-term benefits for both you and your property.




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Working with Nature often requires a combination of patients, persistence, foresight, and commitment. If you’re hoping to get started on a project in a year or two, then now is a perfect time to get in-touch!