Native Plantings and Wildlife Gardens

Using plants that have adapted to the soils and climate of the Midwest for thousands of years can benefit almost anyone who owns land. Whether you are interested in providing diminished habitats for the critters who need them, or you simply want a tough no-nonsense landscape that doesn’t require your constant attention, we can implement solutions that work for you.

  • Low maintenance lawn alternative
  • Create or improve wildlife habitat
  • Enhance or restore natural beauty
  • Control erosion or vegetate steep slopes
  • Shoreline buffers and rain gardens
  • Prevent colonization by invasive plants
  • Reduce or eliminate need for grading, water, fertilizing, pesticides, mowing, and more


Protect Pollinators

This productive pollinator is the native leaf-cutter bee. These solitary bees use their mandibles to cut rounded bits of leaves to line and protect their nests. According to the USDA, 150 leaf-cutter bees can do as much work as 3,000 honeybees!