Forest Management

Regardless of whether or not growing and harvesting timber is on your list of reasons for owning your woods, the decisions you make (or don’t) regarding the management of your woods will have consequences that last for centuries or longer, Who wouldn’t want to choose what they leave behind?

Get to Know Your Woods

Go for a walk in your woods, and look around. Can you identify all the largest trees? Which of their babies are slappin’ your legs or whackin’ your face? Are the little ones the same species as the biggest trees in the area? Will the woods that replaces the one you stand in today have all the same trees, or are 

How We Can Help

  • Forest health assessments and monitoring
  • Tree Marking
  • Stewardship Plans
  • MFL Plans (2019)
  • Plant and regeneration surveys
  • Planting plans and labor
  • Invasive species control
  • Disease, insect, and wildfire prevention.
  • Thinning less desirable species or unhealthy individuals (TSI)
  • Site-preparation for planting or natural regeneration
  • Habitat improvement and maintenance
  • Posting Boundaries
  • More
Let’s Get Started