Invasive Plant Inspection

For $50 plus about $2 per acre, we will conduct a walkthrough of your land and put together a report that details the status of invasive plants we come across. A hundred or two spent on prevention could save you thousands in control five or ten years from now.


Components of Report:

  • Overview of Property or Area
  • List of Invasive Plant Species
  • Recommended Priorities
  • Conservation Opportunities and Constraints
  • Property Map

Complete our Inspection Request Form

Download Form


How to Submit Request Form Through Email

  1. Complete form on your computer
  2. Save it where you can find it
  3. Sign into your email
  4. Select: “Create New Message”
  5. Select: “Add/Insert Attachment” (paperclip button)
  6. Insert the completed document.
  7. Send to:
  8. Expect to hear from us shortly
  • You may also include previously created maps, plans, and other relevant information if you would like.