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East Bluff

We are happy to announce that we have adopted the East Bluff  and East Bluff Woods Trails through the WDNR’s Adopt-a-Trail program. Combined, we adopted three miles of trails – one even passes through the East Bluff State Natural Area! Our volunteer efforts will be focused on developing a strategic approach, monitoring, and controlling undesirable and invasive species, recording existing native plants, and helping to clean-up litter and assist with basic trail maintenance.

Our decision to adopt a trail was an easy one to make. We wanted to use our skills to help care for, maintain, and protect the natural areas that we, and millions of others, have hiked and enjoyed over the years. We don’t know of a more scenic and ecologically rich trail of its length in the entire Midwest!

The East Bluff Loop starts in a rich, mesic forest (characteristic of Devil’s Lake State Park), skims alongside exposed cliff faces, and passes through some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. It was also a great excuse to visit Devil’s Lake more often!

State Natural Areas (SNAs)

What is a state natural area? A SNA is an area designated to protect Wisconsin’s prime natural features, such as rare plants and animals, natural communities, geological formations, and archaeological sites. To learn more about SNAs,  click here.

About one-third of our adopted trails run through the East Bluff State Natural Area (SNA) that features a dry prairie and a bedrock glade – some of the best examples of these natural communities in the state. Another interesting feature of the East Bluff SNA is the pygmy forest. Although the short stature of these trees gives the appearance of a younger looking woodland – don’t let it fool you – these trees are over 120 years old!  

East Bluff Rock Formations

  • Elephant Rock
  • Devil’s Doorway
  • Balanced Rock Trail (connects to East Bluff Trail)

We hope to keep nearby residents and park visitors involved with our efforts, and invite those who are interested in helping with or learning more about our activities at the park to contact us!

Stay tuned for updates, events, and other information about our newly adopted trails!

For more information about East Bluff State Natural Area visit theWDNR’s website, or check out theSNA Project.

For more information about the WDNR’s Adopt-a-Trail Program – click here.

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